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A.D.D. Art Historian

add art historian work in progress...
Co-opting the Q/A interview process to the next level of curatorial navel gazing, this cable tv show features the studio art practice of local emerging artists. A pilot show is currently in development and will premiere on the BCAT-TV network in early-2011.


100 Fireflies :: Mnemonic Landscapes series

100 Fireflies

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes series, an interactive robotic sculpture.

100 Fireflies installation
Painted subminiature lamps, sensors, circuitry, vibrating motors and custom software, 9’x9’x9’

Neon Bulbs :: Mnemonic Landscapes series

Neon Bulbs

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes series, an interactive light sculpture that maps audio input via transmitter into neon light fluctuations. Collaborative project with Joseph Patane.
Blown glass, neon, circuitry, custom software, 3’x1.5’x2’

3D Cube Display

3D Cube
3D Cube

3D Cube is a low resolution prototype for a 3D display unit. Collaborative project with Cindy Jeffers, Todd Holoubeck and James Clar.
Resin, light emitting diodes, video cam, circuitry, custom software, 5’x5’x5’

Death Blvd :: Mnemonic Landscapes series

death blvd
Death Blvd
Large-scale acetate wax prints, 2’x8’

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes series, Death Blvd. is an examination of how memory endures in certain places as both public and private history.

Approach Path :: Mnemonic Landscapes series

approach pathApproach Path
El-wire sewn into canvas, 23’x5’

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes series, an examination into the uneasy balance between closures and openings in the act of remembering and reconstructing the past.

Third Place :: Mnemonic Landscapes series

death blvd
Third Place
Wood, neon, video, audio, 6’x6’x3’

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes  series, a sculptural video light installation with sound.

Relief prints :: Mnemonic Landscapes Series

Landscape relief prints
Copper etching and digital prints, 20”x30”

Part of the Mnemonic Landscapes series, copper etching relief and digital prints.

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