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Dearest Kittens, 

Dani (D.), my very steady and practical partner-in-crime, and I have been so tied up with a day job and home permanence projects for a year that it has kept us away from what matters most; that is, our everlasting love affair with YOU.  D. is yakking in the corner at my usual melodramatic output, but the heart doesn't lie. I love you all.
Hearth, Heart & Art
As the saying goes, Art is where the hearth is, or was it the heart is where the art is? Or, maybe the hearst is where the hut is? Dunno. Never been too good with Asti-Spumante proverbial sayings but it all has to do with permanent digs and ours has moved recently to the Brooklyn triangle (Bed-Stuy/Bushwick/Crown Hts hoodie-loveliness).
So we’re still not done bickering over priorities and timelines for which of our projects will be green-lit, and I’ll let D. go into the logistics in hir own separate blog entry, Glitch (, as Dani handles all things technical for P&Co. But I can say that I will be wrapping up our spring house-warming party with the launch of one of our projects which has to do with hearth, heart and art. There’s some legal stuff that’s way above my head that a lawyer friend is helping me hash out, and I’m hoping to cajole Dani into making a teeny-weeny little website for the event. Suffice to say, invites will be going out (soon!) for a merry spring bachanalian fest. B.Y.O.W.(preferably wine). We’ll supply the cheez.
~ pendarvis


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